Bootleg Botanicals™ Botanical Gin Alcohol Infusion Kit


This isn’t your granddads bathtub gin!

Though crafted in true Prohibition era style, Bootleg Botanicals DIY Botanical Gin is a complex compound gin offering a vast array of delicious tasting notes creating a drink that is adored by gin lovers and haters alike.

Forget the heavy juniper tree tasting gin you’ve known before, now you can handcraft a batch of delicious botanical gin everyone can enjoy with a little help from some good ol’ Vodka.

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1 review for Bootleg Botanicals™ Botanical Gin Alcohol Infusion Kit

  1. Ebow

    Once again this review is also long overdue as I was one of the very first people to get this and try it out. This was actually the very first one i infused. I’m not really good at writing reviews so please forgive me.

    I used 100 proof vodka with this and i never used 80 proof to cut it as it was recommended and infused the botanicals for more time than it was recommended(once again i know, i never follow instructions) I mostly ignored the recommendations because i wanted to experiment and make it my own. This turned out way better than i expected, though i used stronger proof and left it for much longer than the recommendations the drink is surprisingly very smooth. everyone that tries it loves it. The ingredients are well balanced and they can taste every single one of them to the point that they started naming them without me even telling them what’s in it. I actually took this and #6 to a scooter rally and it was a hit, they were being chugged straight out of the bottle and i’m currently out of it. I need to order a refill botanicals.

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