We’ve put together a list of the most commonly asked questions we receive in the hopes that you’ll find the answers you seek quickly. If you don’t see the answer below we are always available to help you out. Don’t hesitate to reach out directly at 702.850.0808 or 


I don't have a PayPal account, can I use a credit card instead?

No worries! We offer Stripe credit card payment processing and PayPal for quick, safe check out.

Is my information safe?

One of the reasons we have teamed up with PayPal for our ecommerce processing, is because they offer a solid encryption to help keep your payment information out of the wrong hands. Beyond your address, phone number and email address, we don’t store or collect your personal payment information on – If you’d like to learn more about PayPal’s security measures click here.

How long will it take for my goodies to arrive?

Check out our Shipping Policies page for details on shipping methods and to get a better idea of the standard transit times from Las Vegas, NV to your home. If you need more help we’ll be happy to gather more information for you, just drop us a line.

If I place my order today, when will it ship out to me?

We strive to provide a super fast processing time. From January to September our standard processing time is 1 – 2 business days however lead times during holiday seasons in February, June and October through December may cause delays up to 3 – 4 business days. If you need your order faster please let us know and we will do everything possible to make that happen.

How can I save on shipping?

Shipping can be expensive and though we have tried to create an easy, accurate shipping calculation on our website, nothing is perfect. If when checking out on our website you feel the shipping is too high, please contact us before placing your order so we can investigate it for you.

International shipping is very expensive but if you are not concerned with the time frame of arrival, consider purchasing the USPS First Class Package International Service over Priority Mail.

QUICK TIP: If you would like to save on the shipping, consider having your order shipped to your workplace address. Commercial addresses ship for less!

From time to time we may run shipping promotions throughout the year. Be sure to join us on Facebook or Twitter to stay in the know.

What's Bootleg Botanicals return policy?

Your 100% satisfaction is our top priority. If you are not loving the taste of your alcohol infusion after it is made, let us know and we’ll be happy to send you another flavor to try out.

Being a food product, we are unable to return products containing our spice blends.

All other items excluding personalized accessories { the whiskey prescription } may be returned within 30 days less any shipping charges. Please contact us directly to process a return prior to shipping the item back to us.

Can I pick up my order?

We don’t have a retail shop but would be happy to arrange a meeting time for you to pick up your order. We are located in historic, downtown Buckeye, Arizona. Please call us at: 702-850-0808 to schedule a meet up time.


I'd like to send my order to someone as a gift. Can you ship to an address that isn't mine?

Of course! We can ship your order anywhere you choose. Just be sure to let us know the recipients name and address during check-out and we’ll handle the rest.

I would like to include a gift note. Is that possible?

Absolutely! Our packing slip has been designed to include a personalized message if you’d like to let someone special know you’re thinking of them. We also keep the price off of the packing slip just in case.

If you would like to add a note, just enter the message into the “Order Notes” area provided during check-out. Space is limited but 1 short sentence fits nicely.


My instructions are missing from my kit...HELP!

Have no fear! All of our instructions are available for download right here.

If you purchased infusion spices, the instructions should be tucked inside the long vials of the Old Fashioned and Absinthe spices. All other spices should have the instructions in the shipping envelope.

My order was arrived broken, Can I get a replacement?

Sometimes the mailman isn’t as careful as we wish they would be. If your order arrives broken we’ll be happy to send you replacement parts to have you up and running as fast as possible.

Just send us a quick note with a photo of the broken bits and we’ll pop new ones into the mail lickety-split. Please be careful handling any broken glass, we don’t want you getting hurt!

Please note: If your package was shipped through USPS, your local post master will need to visually inspect the broken item before we are able to submit a claim.

I received a kit as a gift but it is missing parts, can you help?

If you could provide us with the name of the person who gifted you your kit we can look up the order to verify it was placed through out website.

Unfortunately gifts that were purchased at a retailer can not be verified and we can’t bear the cost of the shipping needed to get your missing parts to you. Missing parts can be purchased on our website or for common pieces such as coffee filters we would be happy to make recommendations to help you find them locally.


What is the traditional way to drink Absinthe?

The traditional way to enjoy Absinthe is by combining 1 ounce of Absinthe with 3-5 ounces of ice cold water. The ritual is to add 1 ounce of Absinthe to a stemmed glass or better yet a Pontarlier glass. Place a slotted Absinthe spoon atop the glass with one sugar cube and slowly drip 3-5 ounces of ice cold water over the sugar cube into the Absinthe until the cube has fully dissolved. By now the drink should have louched. Use the Absinthe spoon to stir everything together and enjoy!

My Absinthe infusion looks like swamp water, what am I doing wrong?

It is perfectly natural for your Absinthe infusion to look a bit muddy during the infusion process. Depending on the proof of neutral grain spirits you have chosen to infuse, your finished Absinthe may appear more or less green. When using a spirit under 170 proof the Star Pod Anise will release faster creating more of a brownish red hue. This is normal and will taste delicious but may not create the bright green tone you desire. The green hues are created through the infusion of our vial no.2 ingredients which release the chlorophyll and add grassy notes to the finished product. We suggest infusing based on your flavor preferences and not in the hopes of creating the perfect color.

All of the ingredients within your Absinthe Infusion spice blend are 100% natural. As such, we can’t control how much chlorophyll the colorant herbs found in vial #2 will infuse into your batch of Absinthe. All the ingredients are sourced fresh, blended in small batch and keep in a temperature controlled space away from any natural sunlight. However, we can not guarantee that the green hue of your Absinthe will be the same from batch to batch.

Why does my Absinthe infusion turn milky when water is added?

The milky effect created when water is added to Absinthe is called Louching and is one of the reasons Absinthe is such a unique drink. At its base level the cloudiness is caused by a chemical reaction of the water mixing with the Anise oils found in the Absinthe. This reaction is so strong that the temperature of your Absinthe will actually increase which is why it is very important to mix Absinthe with ice cold water only.

Does Absinthe make you hallucinate?

The old myths of green fairies and manic hallucinations due to Absinthe consumption have been proven false with the help of modern science. The chemical found in Grand Wormwood or Artemisia absinthium called Thujone was historically linked to stories and incidents which caused a worldwide ban of Absinthe at the turn of the century.  This ban remained in effect for 100 years until science discovered that the problem was high alcohol content and consumption not the wormwood.

The long and the short is, no, Absinthe does not make you hallucinate. If you drink too much of any high proof spirit chances are you’ll be seeing all sorts of mythical creatures along the way. The effects of drinking Absinthe are not any different than indulging in a 151 proof Rum or 101 Whiskey. When prepared properly, Absinthe is a smooth, delicious anise flavored aperitif and the only fairy you are likely to experience is the one released during the louching process.

How much Thujone content is in your Absinthe Infusion?

Contrary to historical belief, Thujone has been scientifically proven not to cause hallucinations. The amount of Thujone content within your finished Absinthe infusion would depend on the length of time the tea bag of Grand Wormwood provided in vial no.2 is infused. Grand Wormwood creates a very bitter flavor if infused for too long and we highly suggest only infusing based on taste preferences and not to increase Thujone content.

Why is does my Absinthe look brown instead of green?

The proof of the alcohol used to infuse your Absinthe botanical’s will determine how much of each spice is infused and at what rate. The lower the proof, the faster the oils from the Star Pod Anise are extracted. This will result in a richer licorice flavor but will also bring out the spices natural reddish-brown hue. The strength of the Anise color can compete with the green hue that is added by infusing your second vial of Absinthe herbs but it is totally normal.

The recipe included with your Absinthe infusion spices has been designed to make a well balance Absinthe infusion without sacrificing flavor for color. If color is your primary focus you can infuse the Absinthe infusion spices at the full strength 190 proof to really bring out the green but the liquors flavor palette may not as desired.


How do I enjoy my Old Fashioned Infusion when it’s done?

Once your infusion is prepared, we find it most enjoyable over ice and sometimes with a splash of water. You could also try fancying it up with a cherry and some muddled orange but part of the beauty of infusing a bottle of ready-to-go Old Fashioned is that you don’t have to do all that work if you don’t want to.

You could also try it with some champagne. Al Capone’s favorite drink was said to be Templeton Rye, Bitters and champagne which at its core is an Old Fashioned with bubbles.

Another great option is our Old Mule Cocktail recipe found here.

The recipe included with your Absinthe infusion spices has been designed to make a well balance Absinthe infusion without sacrificing flavor for color. If color is your primary focus you can infuse the Absinthe infusion spices at the full strength 190 proof to really bring out the green but the liquors flavor palette may not as desired.

What type of Whiskey would you suggest for the Old Fashioned blend?

The beautiful part about infusing your own liquor is that you have control over which liquor you use but we’re happy to lend a little advice for those of you who might not know where to begin.

Like any food, taste is subjective and will greatly vary from person to person. Over the last couple years of infusing we’ve discovered a few things about our personal preferences. Your preferences may vary.

Strangely enough, we have found that lower end alcohol tends to produce a better result. We’re not taking about using bottom shelf per se but somewhere in the middle is a good start. For our Old Fashioned blend we really like a nice Rye Whiskey. Bourbon also works well but for one reason or another the Rye really works for us. One of our personal favorites is George Dickel Rye. We also enjoy Old Forester, Bulliet Rye, Evan Williams and Dickel No.12 for the Old Fashioned Cocktail blend.

Recently, we discovered that the Old Fashioned Cocktail blend is magical in unflavored Brandy. If you are keen to give it a try we like Symbole and St. Remy.

When we started our infusing adventure we thought you had to use a really high proof to get all the flavor out of the spices but after some experimenting we’ve found that isn’t necessarily true. Wild Turkey 101 works well but it’s a bit rough going down. We wouldn’t suggest Maker’s Mark for this blend as it tends to be slightly spicy.


How long do the spices stay fresh for?

When stored in a temperate area away from sunlight, your spices should last 2 years or more from the date of your purchase.

After my alcohol infusion is made, how long is it good for?

This is a tricky question since we have not had a bottle of our home brew last long enough to go bad. In theory your alcohol infusion should last indefinitely just as any other bottle of liquor would. Overtime the flavor profile may change of lesson but keeping your bottles away from direct light should help lengthen their staying power.

How much liquor does one vial of spices make?

Each vial of spices for our Cinnamon, and Old Fashioned blends or 2 vials in the case of Absinthe, make 500 ml of finished liquor. Most bottles of alcohol are sold in quantities of 750 ml. Both of our Gins make up to 1 liter of finished spirits despite their smaller appearance.

Where are your spices sourced?

Each and every spice that goes into our botanical blends has been responsibly sourced from farms around the globe. To ensure that they are fresh, safe and free of unwanted organisms; all of our ingredients have been individually lab tested and certified.