Add one vial of your choosen Alcohol Infusion Spice blend to your favorite unflavored alcohol and steep the herbs as you would a cup of tea.

Make Your Own Absinthe


Makes 11 – 20 cocktails

Old Fashioned Cocktail Alcohol Infusion

No more searching for ingredients or muddling! Bootleg Botanicals Old Fashioned Cocktail infusion spices transform your favorite Rye Whiskey, Bourbon or unflavored Brandy into a ready-to-enjoy cocktail. Whether your hosting a party or enjoying a nightcap, Bootleg Botanicals Old Fashioned Cocktail infusion spices are always a crowd-pleaser.


Makes 8 – 10 cocktails

Bootleg Botanicals™ Cinnamon Alcohol Infusion Spices

You may have tried (and enjoyed) Cinnamon Whiskey but if you haven't already you need to give Cinnamon Tequila a try! Bootleg Botanicals™ Some Like it Hot Cinnamon Alcohol Infusion Spices transforms a bottle of Blanco Tequila or Bourbon into a treat to be savored over ice or straight up.


Makes 8 – 15 cocktails

Bootleg Botanicals™ Botanical Gin Making Spices

With a little help from Bootleg Botanicals™ Botanical Gin making spices, you'll be able to boast a Liter of your very own home brewed compound Gin in just a few short hours.

Slightly sweet & herbal Bootleg Botanicals unique Gin 6 alcohol infusion blend can be sipped straight or enjoyed in your favorite craft cocktail recipe.


Makes 22 – 35 cocktails

Bootleg Botanicals™ Citrus Gin Alcohol Infusion Spices

Bootleg Botanicals Citrus Gin Alcohol Infusion Spices transform 1 liter of neutral grain spirits such as Vodka or unflavored white Rum into a classic compound Gin that is perfect with your favorite Tonic Water or mixed as a cocktail. If you are an avid Gin aficionado, the Gin No.9 blend of herbs will likely be your cup of tea.


Makes 22 – 35 cocktails

Chrysanthemum Cocktail

Circa 1917

1 ounce Dolin’s Dry Vermouth

3/4 ounce Benedictine

1/3 teaspoon of Bootleg Botanicals Absinthe Infusion


Combine all of the ingredients and ice into a cocktail shaker and stir* everything together until the shaker is frosty. Strain your cocktail into a stemmed coupe glass & enjoy!

* Stirring your clear spirits will prevent your cocktail from becoming cloudy.