Unlike the ingredients used to mask the flavor of bootlegged booze during Prohibition, Bootleg Botanicals™ alcohol infusion spices are handcrafted using only the highest quality, all natural herbs & spices available from around the globe. To preserve the potency of the natural oils within, ensure peak freshness, optimal flavor, and shortened infusion time; each herb is ground in-house just before transforming into one of our signature blend creations.

While homemade hooch may have caused blindness circa 1929, your giggle water is guaranteed to be delicious and chemical free. All of the ingredients used to create our secret spice recipes have been lab tested in the U.S.A.

All Natural Alcohol Infusion Spice Flavors


Ingredients Include:
star pod anise, fennel seed, anise seed, licorice root, lemon peel, angelic root, coriander, roman wormwood, hyssop, melissa, and grand wormwood

500 ML of 151 – 190 proof neutral grain spirits in approx. 48 hours


Bathtub Gin No.6 Ingredients:
juniper berries, orange peel, licorice root, coriander, cardamom, and cinnamon

Bathtub Gin No.9 Ingredients:
juniper berries, lime peel, coriander, and fennel seed

500  ML – 1 Liter of 90 proof Vodka in approx 4 hours


Old Fashioned Cocktail Ingredients:
orange peel, cane sugar, coriander seed, cardamom, and anise seed

500 ML of Brandy, Rye or Bourbon in approx 14 hours


Whiskey or Tequila Infusion Ingredients:
cinnamon, cane sugar, grains of paradise, and cardamom

500 ML of Bourbon or Tequila in approx. 48 hours