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    Eleven organic herbs and spices turn ordinary neutral grain spirits into a delicious Absinthe infusion in just a few short hours.

    Including the mysterious and misunderstood Artemisia absinthium (Grand Wormwood), the Absinthe making kit comes complete with a vintage inspired dark glass storage bottle*, one stainless steel kitchen funnel and natural coffee filters.

    *The label is personalizable! Be sure to sign your masterpiece once it is complete.

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    Create a classic citrus Gin just like they did during Prohibition! Unlike the ingredients used to mask the flavor of bootlegged booze circa 1920, Bootleg Botanicals Citrus Gin Making Kit includes only the highest quality herbs and spices available to turn ordinary Vodka into a bottle of compound gin in a matter of hours.

    While homemade hooch may have caused blindness back then, your giggle water will be delicious and 100% chemical free. The perfect compliment to any Gin and Tonic recipe.

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    Bootleg Botanicals Absinthe making spices are small batch crafted using only the highest quality herbs and spices available. Each ingredient has been lab tested and is ground, blended, and batched in-house to ensure peak infusion time and flavor.

    Developed in the style of traditional European Absinthe recipes, this infusion spice blend includes two types of wormwood and a variety of licorice notes giving it a wonderful fragrance, complex taste while being 100% free of artificial coloring or additives that can often be found in store bought Absinthe.