Bootleg Botanicals™ Absinthe Making Kit


Eleven organic herbs and spices turn ordinary neutral grain spirits into a delicious Absinthe infusion in just a few short hours.

Including the mysterious and misunderstood Artemisia absinthium (Grand Wormwood), the Absinthe making kit comes complete with a vintage inspired dark glass storage bottle*, one stainless steel kitchen funnel and natural coffee filters.

*The label is personalizable! Be sure to sign your masterpiece once it is complete.

Banned for a hundred years, Absinthe has long been a favorite of Parisian artists. Most notably, Vincent Van Gogh was rumored to have cut off his ear after imbibing the notorious Green Fairy. Artemisia absinthium was believed to have driven Absinthe drinkers to see wild hallucinations and do things that they might not have normally done. Turns out it was all a fairy tale but the legend lives on.

Bootleg Botanicals™ Absinthe infusion spices were designed to create a macerated Absinthe free of unwanted coloring and sweeteners.

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