Bootleg Botanicals™ Citrus Gin Alcohol Infusion Spices


Make your very own batch of citrus bathtub Gin! Our all natural, organic Gin No.9 spices transform ordinary Vodka into a bottle of delicious compound Gin in a few short hours.

Bootleg Botanicals Citrus Gin Alcohol Infusion Spices transform 1 liter of neutral grain spirits such as Vodka or unflavored white Rum into a classic compound Gin that is perfect with your favorite Tonic Water or mixed as a cocktail. If you are an avid Gin aficionado, the Gin No.9 blend of herbs will likely be your cup of tea.

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A Delightful Blend of Organic

Juniper Berries, Fennel Seed, Coriander, & Lime Peel Powder.


One liter of White Rum or Unflavored Vodka.

Infusion Time

Approximately 4 hours*

*Your homebrewed Gin may take longer or shorter depending on your flavor preference.


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