10 inch Racking Cane and Brewing Hose


10 inch long, clear plastic racking cane with rubber brewing hose.

Ships from Buckeye, Arizona in 1-3 business days.
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Shortened to pair with a one gallon fermentation jug, the 10 inch racking cane helps transfer your brew from fermentation to bottle. Place the black tip into your jug and allow gravity to flow through the attached hose into your bottles.

Firmly attach the hose over the curved end of the racking cane to create a seal. Curl the hose and place the assembly beneath the surface of a tub of no-rinse brewing cleanser. Once the hose has filled with cleanser, place your thumb over the end and place the black tip of the racking cane into your jug. Place your jug at a level above the bottles you intend on filling so that gravity can help the siphon.

Remove your thumb over a sink to drain the cleanser and if all goes as planned, your brew should start to flow. Once it does, simply slip your hose into a bottle and you are on your way to victory!