Double Bubble Airlock and Rubber Bung

Double Bubble Airlock and Rubber Bung


Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 3 × 2 in


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Help your home brew reach its fullest potential. The airlock keeps unwanted bacteria out of your brew while allowing the off gases of the yeast to escape your fermentation vessel.  Simply fill your bubble airlock with water and firmly press the attached rubber bung into the mouth of a one gallon jug and watch the magic happen!

The Rubber Bung is available in a No.5 or a No.6 size – when using a glass jug other than those available with Bootleg Botanicals kits, please be sure to refer to the sizing below to order the size which offers the snuggest fit on your one gallon glass jug.

No.5: Top Diameter 1.048″ / Bottom Diameter .909″

No.6: Top Diameter 1.26″ / Bottom Diameter 1.024″