DIY Citrus Gin Making Kit


Create a classic citrus Gin just like they did during Prohibition! Unlike the ingredients used to mask the flavor of bootlegged booze circa 1920, Bootleg Botanicals Citrus Gin Making Kit includes only the highest quality herbs and spices available to turn ordinary Vodka into a bottle of compound gin in a matter of hours.

While homemade hooch may have caused blindness back then, your giggle water will be delicious and 100% chemical free. The perfect compliment to any Gin and Tonic recipe.

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Weight 3.5 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 11 × 5 in
Tasting Notes

The Gin No.9 blend is a classic citrus based Gin pairing a clean tart flavor with the Juniper notes necessary for a true Gin. The light licorice flavors from the fennel seed and lemon notes of the coriander enhance the overall palate of this compound Gin blend. The Gin No.9 infusion pairs nicely with tonic and works well as a Gin Rickey or classic martini.


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The DIY Citrus Gin Making Kit Includes:

  • Alcohol Infusion Spices
    (Organic: juniper berries, lime peel, coriander, and fennel seed )
  • One 4″ stainless steel kitchen funnel
  • A 500 ML Italian glass flask bottle with hermetic closure and personalizable vintage inspired label
  • Natural paper coffee filter
  • Instructions and infusion log


Just add alcohol. Pick up a bottle of plain, unflavored Vodka and visit for some wonderful Gin cocktail recipes to enjoy once your homemade compound Gin is ready.