Booze and Botanicals

herbs angelica Angelica Root Carrot Family Angelica Root adds an earthy note to our Absinthe Infusion spices. Used to flavor liqueurs since the Middle Ages, Angelica has a distinct carrot flavor and is listed as an ingredient in several commerically available Gins. absinthe1 2 herbs coriander Coriander Seed Carrot Family From its lemony taste, you might not realize that Coriander seeds sprout into the same plant responsible for Cilantro leaves. These tiny, delicious seeds are also popular in Indian cuisine & is the most used spice in our infusion blends. absinthe1 2 old Fashioned herbs anise Anise Seed Carrot Family Lovers and haters of black licorice candy may be familiar with the unique flavor profile of Anise. A sweet, powerful flavor; Anise is a popular ingredient in liquors around the globe including: Ouzo, Anisette & Sambuca. old Fashioned absinthe1 2 herbs cardamom Cardamom Ginger Family The intense aroma of a cardamom pod is reminiscent of menthyl products used to treat a cold. Popular in Indian cuisine, Cardamom can commonly be found in Chai tea and commerical Gins. Grand Wormwood has a very bitter flavor profile & is a common The sweet old Fashioned cinnamon gin 6 herbs Artemisia absinthium Grand Wormwood absinthe2 This notorious herb was the primary reason Absinthe was banned for nearly 100 years. A highly misunderstood and often misrepresented leafy plant, Artemisia absinthium gives Absinthe it's name. Grand Wormwood has a very bitter flavor profile & is a common ingredient in Vermouth & aromatic bitters.

Without botanicals many of the most beloved liquors would not exist. Gin needs Juniper, Absinthe must have Artemisa absinthium and the bitters found in your favorite cocktails require a vast array of herbs, barks and roots.

Every boozy creation begins with a botanical and here at Bootleg Botanicals we pride ourselves on providing herbal spice blends small batch crafted from the highest grade botanicals available. All of the ingredients used in our alcohol infusion and brewing spices are 100% natural. Each ingredient has been lab tested and many are certified organic, kosher or wild harvested.

Just like crafting a new dinner recipe, finding the right balance of herbs and spices to add to alcohol can be challenging. Countless hours have gone into discovering the perfect balance of ingredients to transform ordinary base spirits into delicious homemade booze. We’ve done the hard work so that you can easily craft some brag worthy hooch without all the headaches.