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Bootleg Botanicals™ Absinthe Making Alcohol Infusion Spices

The higher the proof, the more chlorophyll is released from the green herbs found in Absinthe vial #2. Lower proof spirits release the brown toned herbs found in Absinthe vial #1 faster.

While your Absinthe Infusion may appear more green at higher alcohol proofs, we prefer the flavor of the Absinthe Infusion at a proof around 170 or lower.

If you are in a state that does not offer Everclear 190, have no fear… Here are some alternative spirits that will taste just as good and produce the same Louching affect:

Everclear 190 – Preferred for versatility

Other Good Options:

Everclear 151

Gem Clear

Polmos Spirytus

Balkan Vodka


Bootleg Botanicals™ Old Fashioned Cocktail Alcohol Infusion Spices

Bootleg Botanicals Old Fashioned spices were designed to enjoy neat or over ice. For the most enjoyable sipping we suggest sticking with a spirit in the 80 proof range or below. If you do choose a higher proof spirit to play with, consider cutting the ABV with water prior to infusing. Here is a handy calculator to help you find just the right measurements.

Some of our favorite spirits to enjoy with the Old Fashioned Cocktail alcohol infusion spices are:

St. Remy VSOP Brandy

Old Overholt Rye

Bulleit Rye Whiskey

Jim Beam Bourbon

Buffalo Trace Bourbon

Rebel Kentucky Straight Bourbon

Bootleg Botanicals™ Cinnamon Alcohol Infusion Spices

We originally crafted the Bootleg Botanicals Some Like it Hot Cinnamon alcohol infusion spices to be enjoyed in a bottle of Bourbon but after countless experiments, our go to for this alcohol infusion blend is blanco Tequilla. Don’t get us wrong Some Like it Hot does make a killer Cinnamon Whiskey but there is something special about a sippable Tequilla nightcap.

We love the Some Like it Hot Cinnamon Alcohol Infusion Spices in:

El Padrino Blanco Tequila

El Jimador Blanco

Buffalo Trace

Old Forester Bourbon 86

Ellington Reserve 8 year Canadian Whisky

Quick tip: The Some Like It Hot Spices were crafted on the dry side to allow the sugar content to be adjusted to taste. If you are a fan of other Cinnamon Whiskey brands, try adding 1 TSP of sugar to this infusion to up the sweetness.

Bootleg Botanicals™ Botanical Gin Making Spices


Bootleg Botanicals™ Citrus Gin Alcohol Infusion Spices

Bootleg Botanicals Botanical & Citrus alcohol infusion spices are the most versitle alcohol infusion spices in the line up. They also make twice the amount of the other alcohol infusion blends we offer. As a bonus, compound Gin is crafted using a neutral spirit, the infusion options are vast.

Our newest favorite spirit to infuse a batch of handcrafted Gin is White Rum but Vodka is also a great option if you prefer a more traditional style Gin.

These are a few of the spirits we enjoy infusing into a bottle of Gin:

Bacardi Superior

Cruzan Aged Light Rum

Don Q Cristal Rum

Platinum Vodka

New Amsterdam Vodka

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