Triple Scale Homebrewing Hydrometer


Add some science to your homebrew with a handy Triple Scale Brewing Hydrometer. Measure your latest batch of homemade beer before and after fermentation to determine your final ABV. This glass brewing hydrometer measures the Specific Gravity, Brix/Balling and Potential Alcohol of your homebrewed beer.

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How it Works

Crafted from blown glass, the Triple Scale Home Brewing Hydrometer employs buoyancy to measure the amount of residual sugars in your homemade beer.

Since brewing yeast creates alcohol by eating sugar, the amount of sugar measured at the start and finish of the fermentation process will determine your homebrewed beers final alcohol by volume (ABV).


  • One glass Triple Scale Hydrometer
  • Printed Use Instructions
  • Plastic Storage / Measurement Vessel

Measurements Include:

  • Balling: 0-38%
  • Potential ABV: 0-22%
  • Specific Gravity: 0.990 – 1.170

How to Use It

After sanitizing the Triple Scale Hydrometer and it’s plastic storage container, fill the container with your beer Wort before adding yeast. Place the Triple Scale hydrometer into the beer Wort and after the hydrometer find level, write down the numbers at the liquid line.

Repeat these steps after you are done fermenting your homebrewed beer. Enter your numbers into Bootleg Botanicals ABV Calculator to find out how boozy your homebrewed beer is.