Whiskey Prescription


Become a part of history! This reproduction of a Prohibition Era Whiskey prescription is customized to help you or a friend party like it’s 1929.

Please let us know who this prescription should be made out to.
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Weight .032 lbs
Dimensions 5.5 × 4.5 × .0625 in


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Bootleg Botanicals personalizable Prohibition era Whiskey prescription is a must for any home bar. Recreated from a copy of an original 1931 script, your prescription will look fabulous mounted behind the bar.

Originally issued by Dr. John R. Gatewood in Kentucky on Febuary 6, 1931; your Whiskey prescription gives you legal authorization to take 3 Tablespoons of Whiskey every four hours for whatever ails you. Once issued to you, the G-men can’t touch you with this handy document in hand.

Please be sure to let us know who you’d like the Whiskey prescription made out to along with their home address and we’ll make sure the doctor issues the script as instructed.

Prescription Measures: 5-1/2″ by 4-1/2″

Makes a great gift for those hard to by for booze lovers in your life! Makes a nice addition to the Old Fashioned Whiskey Infusion Kit.