Cinnamon Whiskey or Tequila Kit


Turn your favorite Whiskey or Tequila into a spicy cinnamon treat. The Some Like it Hot Cinnamon infusion kit includes all natural, organic ingredients that add zip to ordinary liquor without the harmful chemicals or artificial flavoring.

If you enjoy cinnamon liquor, this is the alcohol infusion flavor for you!

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Weight 3.5 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 11 × 5 in
Tasting Notes

A true cinnamon flavor, the Some Like it Hot Cinnamon infusion blend does not taste like a cinnamon candy. This blend is lower in sugar than commercial cinnamon liqueurs because you can always add more sugar but you can't take it away. While we call this blend "Some Like it Hot" it is not as spicy as one may fear rather a nice balance of sugar and spice to transform Tequila or Whiskey into a delicious aperitif.



The infusion was quick and easy and the flavor was spot on.

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The Cinnamon Whiskey or Tequila Infusing Kit Includes:

  • Alcohol Infusion Spices
    (Organic: cinnamon, cane sugar, grains of paradise, and cardamom)
  • One 4″ stainless steel kitchen funnel
  • A 500 ML Italian glass flask bottle with hermetic closure and personalizable vintage inspired label
  • Natural paper coffee filter
  • Instructions and infusion log


Just add alcohol. Your favorite Bourbon Whiskey or Tequila blanco work best.
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